We love to travel by bike , on foot, to discover our country and elsewhere at a slow pace, in the middle of Nature or crossing a beautiful city. We are also beekeepers in the south of Paris.

Imagined after Hugo's birth and created in 2007, our blog shows almost 200 articles today. In the cloud topics, you will be able to find articles about our touring bike, our hiking, in Paris for example, outside of France (Belgium, Italy, spain...) or from one of 24 other topics available. The small talks est un espace de citations drôles, touchantes, surprenantes, créatives de nos enfants et attrapées au vol. In the picture topic, you will find ones from different area (Paris, Ile de France, Auvergne, Britany, Bruxelles, Canarias, Argentina, Italy, Norway, Netherlands), about our children, Hugo and Anaïs, or about bicycle of course. A Google map shows several bike touring done mainly in France. Instagram is a slideshow of pictures posted there. The links page is a list of friends, bike associations, family, touring bikers, etc. You are welcome here!